Mario International Technology & Service Sp. z o.o. deals with:

⦁ designing tools, instrumentation and specialist equipment for customer orders – including delivery, securing the full life cycle of the designed and delivered products,
⦁ outsourcing handling of construction and technological documentation,
⦁ logistic support of foreign companies and technical assistance during production processes at the end user, as well as control and testing of materials supplied from companies cooperating with foreign partners,
⦁ analysis and evaluation of projects implemented by clients as well as advice and support in their implementation,
⦁ conducts training in servicing and repairing supplied products,
⦁ logistic security with specialized tools and instrumentation as well as spare parts and consumables for the Leopard 2A4/A5 tank and the M113 armored personnel carrier, which is implemented in cooperation with the foreign partner FFG FLENSBURGER FAHRZEUGBAU GESELLSCHAFT GmbH, which we represent in Poland.

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